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Jewels under the sea

October 29, 2012

This is not another Bejewe1ed game.

“Legends say that deep in California’s Salton Sea Basin lies an ancient tall ship filled with ancient relics and glittering treasures and other goodies that would make a pirate’s Christmas.

The story dates back to the early 1600s when King Phillip of Spain sent a fleet to the western coast of Mexico to dive for jewels, which at the time could fetch a pretty penny. The group didn’t find as many pearls as they thought they would, so when they came across a Native American village that had baskets of the round beauties just lying around they offered lush European garments in exchange for scores of jewels.

When it came to the trade, however, the Spanish duped the Native Americans and swapped the pearls for rags instead. Outraged, the tribe attacked the ship as it tried to set sail, wounding the captain who ordered the two other ships in the fleet to continue looking for treasures in the Gulf of California. Here it’s thought one of the ships struck a reef and was sunk, but before it was completely submerged the crew ferried all the treasures to the one remaining ship. It carried on up the Colorado River and into the Salton Sea where it met its demise.Storms, freak flooding, earthquakes and a rapidly evaporating sea have all been blamed for the eventual beaching of the ship, the ship was buried in the bottom of the sea.

Now, as an explorer, you found the ship. Our new story start from here…”

– Classic Mode: Are you fast as lightning?
– Survival Mode: Alive or Die?
– Zen Mode: Relax yourself.
– GameCenter support and 16 achievements
– Experience great pleasure in game
– Fun for the whole family to play game
– Gorgeous interface style
– Fun game set
– Simple but skillfull arcade game
– Simple and familiar gameplay you know and love
At the next, next wave, more speed and more clever for game
• Access your games across your iPhone, and/or iPod touch

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